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Forever in my own Way

Holding myself back has always been my Achilles heel. The worst part about it is that I was unaware of my own destructive life choices. I was blinded to the healing that my soul had been begging me to undergo...

Hailing from the beyond hot city of sin, I was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada. For being mildly obsessed with choir and sustaining a high GPA, marijuana was no stranger to my adolescence. With a peculiar interest in creative writing, poetry contest and athletics, you could've "never" guessed that English was/is my favorite subject! ; ) Now, I wouldn't refer to myself as the grammar queen by any means so don't come at me like I stole something from ya! To shed some light, my interest in writing started around age 14. I discovered almost instantly that crafting various projects from short stories to memoirs was something that I really enjoyed. However, enjoying and doing can exist on two different planes and for the longest time I convinced myself that I was unsure of how to showcase my pieces.

To live in fear of our own desires only destroys us from the inside. We miss out on our rightful destinies as we watch countless opportunities pass before our eyes. I'm here to reignite that flame. I'm here to . Encouraging exploration and providing support for those who create or once created is of the utmost importance to me. Why? Because we are the sliver of light that makes the world just a bit more beautiful.

Like a senior yearbook, I "don't ever change" and I want you to know that it's cool if you don't want to either. Let's be weird together, my outraegers!

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