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The Best Oyster Spots in San Francisco

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

22 was the year I had a lot of first experiences. It was my first time meeting Tyler. The last year that I lived in Las Vegas. The first time that I ever lived alone without roommates. It was also the last time that I went to EDC (for my EDM festival lovers out there). Lets just say that it was the first time that my pallet took a turn from average to pretty damn boujee! Oysters are incredibly delicious and if you don't think so then I don't know why you're still here sis!

From meaty to briny, there's a huge assortment of oysters out there. I have such an obsession with them that I decided to dedicate a lil sum-sum for my sea-migos. Below is a concise list of San Francisco/NorCal's best oyster spots. This is my personal opinion but don't worry because I can be picky. I'll highlight where you can get oysters from as low as $1. I'll also fill you in on a cool spot where you can shuck em' yourself!

FARM at Carneros

Ty (my Mr.) and I recently had the pleasure of visiting #Farm this past weekend.

Reservations were necessary, but they're currently difficult to book due to COVID. The outdoor seating is limited but worth planning ahead! They had quite a bit of highlights such as a $45 per person #brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Who isn't down for a dope brunch with your friends in the perfect #California sun?! The servings are family style and abundant which was a plus in my book! You can always order al le cart if you don't want to engorge yourself. A fresh raw bar with options such as oysters (duh) and #caviar accompany the

diverse contemporary cuisine . They also had delicious mimosas and other cocktail/beer options available. The ambiance here was peaceful to say the least. We were seated outside on the patio surrounded by gorgeous flowers and breath-taking greenery. It's difficult not to relax in your plush dining chair as you enjoy 5 star service. Places like this are what my husband and I often look for when we're dining out. We feel like a beautiful scenery and superb food really enhance our quality time together. Peep them here:


Mission Rock Resort (No it's not an actual Resort, lol)

Okay, so remember when I mentioned that I know the spot for #cheap oysters that are not only tasty but right on the pier across the street from the new Warriors Stadium with an absolutely gorgeous view of the Bay? Yeah, this dope place features a $1 oyster special every Mon-Thursday from 3:00pm-7:00pm (half dozen minimum). I've brought so many friends including Ty here and have never received a complaint. Not only do they have quality oysters but their happy hour drink menu doesn't disappoint either. The rest of the food is priced a bit more moderately but let me tell you - their crab cakes were ON POINT. It was easily worth the $30 price tag and I'd do it again! This restaurant has chill vibes and is pretty spacious. At two floors, you'll find the oyster special on their top floor. Get there early because their outdoor

seating fills up rather quickly! This place is truly a locals gem and the scenery is to die for. Try to make a reservation here:


Leo's Oyster Bar

This restaurant is smaller than the others mentioned on this list but the vibe is stupid romantic and cozy! If you're looking for a swanky, lowkey #date night then I'd make sure to get an early reservation at Leo's Oyster Bar! Right in the heart of the city, you can bet that it's a beezy to find street parking. The extensive oyster menu at this joint is why you'll discover why it's worth the trouble! Plan ahead if you want to have a group or be seated in one of the few comfy booths at this contemporary #restaurant. Be prepared to taste some delectable seafood while you're relaxing with one of their many infamous #cocktails such as The Bubble Bath! You'll find the pricing to be average for the most part and market price for the oysters. They have $5 deviled eggs that are a must try and some of the best cocktails and bartenders in town. If you're up for a little dessert afterwards then make sure to order their Classic Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse. It's topped with gold flakes because you know that we #outraegers like it a lil boujee! Leo's is currently closed but they do have a sister location open for outdoor dining. Check it out here:


Hog Island Oyster Company

Now if you're really an oyster buff then you have to take a trip up to Hog Island! No there aren't really hogs there (but it'd be a lot cooler if there were)! Grab a group of your sea-migos loving friend/family and go to town on some honkers! Hog Island is where I learned how to shuck my first oyster. The muscle and amount of precision you need in order to crack one of these big boys open is not for you lazy bitches. These bad boys were pretty much the same size as my palm, so it felt like I was eating 3 small #oysters all at once! With a bit of cocktail sauce and a grilled lemon, I was good to go! If you make a reservation you can usually bring a few side dishes, some wine or champagne and do the damn thing. A visit to Hog Island will take you a bit of time. It's a gorgeous and scenic drive though! You can find out more information to book your visit at

They're also available for take out right now as well!


As of July 7, 2020 the Governor Gavin Newsom declared for California to shut everything back down. However, from my knowledge a few of these establishments are currently operating. Feel free to visit the sites and contact the businesses if you're interested in visiting soon! I'll update this article as things change.

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