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Adult Acne: My First Microdermabrasion Facial


*I am not a health professional and I am only providing opinions and advice based on my personal experience. I did not seek guidance or any recommendations from a dermatologist before undergoing this procedure. All photos used are unedited to give you one of the most accurate idea of what to expect when doing something like this to your face.*

Every time we log online there appears to be a new beauty trend and it seems like new ones are popping up just as we’ve caught up to the last phenomenon. While I don’t mind spending the money, I like to attempt to do what’s best for my skin rather than fueling superficial hype. We’re currently living in a diverse, ever changing society where there is a serious and even political battle between vegan and high-end products. Having healthy hair, skin and nails is something that I would assume most individuals strive to obtain in their lives, at one point or another. Many factors play a role, from genetics and the rare discussion of needle injections like fillers or #botox. I am going to discuss a procedure that’s less invasive but rumored to provide some beneficial results.

Microdermabrasion was actually a procedure I had been thinking about undergoing for a year or so now. I’m the kind of person who anxiously researches everything on a topic before I do it and I mean everything! From piercings to medication, I have to know what the pros and cons are. I also try to make sure that I understand each step-in order to eliminate the possibility of blaming anyone for my lack of knowledge regarding my own health. It’s better to determine if something is right for you because you’ve studied yourself and have done the proper research. Educating yourself will ensure the best possible outcome. So now let’s dive into the experience that I had. I’ll be discussing what microdermabrasion is, how I prepped my skin leading up to the appointment and a bit about my personal after care. I’ll also outline my healing process as a woman with deep, melanin complexion. I’ll go over the good, the bad and hopefully provide a one stop article for most if not all of your questions.

What is Diamond Microdermabrasion?

To be concise, Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that exfoliates the thick outer-most layer of your skin. Estheticians use a special applicator that has an abrasive diamond-tipped surface and essentially move it across the face to reveal a more radiant and youthful layer of skin. This is considered to be 10 times better than your average “at home” exfoliation routine. This special procedure is considered by many skin care professionals as the best form of #microdermabrasion to receive. We now know that the original technique was essentially spraying small crystals on a client's face. An esthetician would then use a vacuum-like device to suction them up. While the procedure isn’t non-effective it does have a possibility to be harmful to the skin and has also been reviewed to have left crystals and residue on faces after the procedure was performed.

So, What Happened?

Well, I scheduled an appointment before noon with Natalie at #Spa Radiance. When I woke up the morning of, the first thing that I did was lightly cleanse my face. Next, I used a toner and only applied a small amount of pure avocado oil to my face. I didn’t want to overdo it because I knew that my #face would be getting washed again and you definitely don’t want to irritate your skin before an hour-long procedure. I will say however, that once I got to the appointment, I was told that my face was a bit dry by Natalie. Next time I know to just follow through with my average day routine. So, don’t' cut yourself short on the moisturizer like I did! Immediately following my appointment, I didn’t experience any bruising. In fact, my esthetician performed with such a gentle but yet thorough approach. She made me feel relaxed like I didn’t show up about 10 minutes late because I did. We all know that attempting to find parking in San Francisco is no joke! From what I understand some procedures can last up to two hours and there are various products you can use during it. I’d make sure that you touched base with whoever is working on your skin to ensure that you don’t have any unnecessary break outs like I did during the healing process.

OMG, Lets’ Talk About That Healing Process!

The very next day my face had definitely started to purge. I noticed late the night before that I had some redness and what seemed to be a slight break out but it calmed down overnight. I spent a bit more time in the sun than I wanted to because I had to run errands but I wouldn’t say that I was exposed to the UV rays for more than an hour total. The trick of course is to wear sunscreen and a lot of it! I had also noticed that my cheeks and forehead felt drier when I make expressions (ex. frowning and smiling at myself like a clown getting ready for a street performance in the mirror) but not when I touched it. Honestly it was a weird and an unexpected discovery.

Around the third and fourth day my face itched but only every now and then. My esthetician advised me to keep my skin extremely moisturized in order to avoid excessive peeling and whatnot. I still had to wait another 3 days to be considered “healed” but during that time period I began to notice a more even complexion. My dark spots had faded and my forehead, facial expression wrinkles were damn near non-existent. It even did a number on some noticeable sun damage that I had.

Over the next few days my skin continued to purge and it looked like I had a horrible case of baby acne! I would definitely advise my more self-conscious folks to arrange time to not be at work or in the sun for too long after having this done. I would say even more so if you tend to have sensitive or unpredictably-reactive skin like me. But oh, my goodness do not let that scare you! By the sixth day I was pleased with my overall results. I still had to wipe off some more than average amounts of dead skin for about three days but it wasn’t as dramatic as expected. I went back to wearing makeup after the long break that my skin had with no problem. If anything, the makeup and products that I applied to my skin absorbed better after the microdermabrasion.

Sooo, would I do it again? Absolutely, but my #oily, #acne- prone skin can only take it about once or twice a year! I for one do not have the best skin and for the longest time I really put myself down about it. I had so many blackheads on my face that kids use to ask me if I had freckles growing up! Fast forward a decade or so and I still suffer from break outs. However a change in my diet, a higher water intake and a strict 2- a day skin care routine has truly taught me patience (which is one of my BIGGEST flaws) and appreciation for the vessel that I was blessed with.


This Was My Post Care Routine:

First thing that I obviously do is cleanse. #Cetaphil is my go-to face wash. I love it for my oily face. Then I use a toner that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils too much, like pure witch hazel without any additives. Dickson’s Witch Hazel is my favorite to use hands down! Or I’ll mix 1-part apple cider vinegar with two parts distilled water to change it up. Afterwards I apply a heavy moisturizer such as organic avocado oil or even pure coconut oil to assist with peeling then use an SPF sunscreen of 30 or higher if you’re going out during the day. I would hold off on exfoliating or face masks until your skin is healed.

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