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Three Reasons Why You Can Turn a “Hoe into a Housewife”

Updated: May 15, 2020

Most of you know and if you don’t then now you do! When I was 21, I danced at one of the premier, topless clubs in Las Vegas, NV.

I’m native to the city of sin but stripping was actually something that I had frowned upon my entire life. Seeing billboards with damn near naked men and women was considered to be somewhat normal. Growing up I just always assumed that it was a choice that only uneducated individuals made. Little did I know that it was a career path that I’d end up doing for over a year and a half. The club I performed at was one of the most sought after places by both men and women who visited Las Vegas and it was also the establishment where I met my husband.

I'm not the only woman to have married and left the dancing life. However, some entertainers never leave the industry and still maintain healthy relationships. The reality is that these types of couples form all of the time and no, I’m not talking about a sugar daddy/baby arrangement. There's a rising perception of individuals who feel that women in the sex industry are looking to be "saved." Nonetheless, men don’t really “save a woman” from anything -- especially a lifestyle that has the ability to provide a better than average, steady stream of income with networking advantages. Let’s be real, the sex industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you have 100% open and honest communication, you’d be surprised where your relationship with a dancer could go. With no further adieu, here are three simple reasons, from my perspective, of why you can turn a “hoe” into a housewife… if you play your cards right! ;)


1. “We're not All Gold Diggers”

Many have heard the stereotype that strippers are only looking for a fast cash come up. While we of course like to get paid, the sad thing about this stereotype is that everyone is in need or desire to have enough money for comfort. If someone is looking for you to provide and you simply can’t or don’t want to, then you should cut those ties immediately. Why choose to stick around for the sex and intimacy if you truly don’t see eye to eye on finances, bills and your accounts? It doesn’t make sense to date a dancer or any person for that matter if you’re worried about spending money on anything that isn't solely selfish or egotistical. No one wants to go from being able to pave their own financial future to being fearful about where their next meal is coming from. I'm talking about going from being able to pay for your own education, food and independent housing to suddenly being forced back into the “normal” work force. Who wants to earn a fourth less of what they are use to making? Basically, giving up their peace of mind for someone who has a problem with covering a utility bill. In my opinion you just want the grand prize and none of the extras that come with keeping a proper household. I am definitely not talking about those who are already awful with their money and can’t save for shit. I’m talking about the strippers that already have their own car, home and mattresses off of the floor!

2. Men Naturally Desire an Attractive Partner

They do but that’s a no brainer. Take a look at social media for example. Every girl is trying to be the next hott piece of ass. It’s almost unsightly but I can’t knock the hustle! Take a look at your man’s IG, Twitter, Tumblr feed and you’ll probably catch at least one or two good looking, scantily-clad ladies while scrolling. I used to have pointless arguments with a few x boyfriends about Playboy magazines, why they followed so many attractive women, blah, blah, blah. I cared too much and I truly didn’t know how to communicate my emotions surrounding the subject to past partners. However, it taught me one thing whether I was dancing or not, that men always try to go after the most attractive girl especially if he thinks that he could possibly have a chance. Dancers naturally take care of our appearances because not only does the work require it but the creativity and flowing allow you to really explore and appreciate your body. Even if it is done in an exotic form, I feel like that exudes confidence and I know that we all find that to be sexy no matter the gender or choice of work!

Your “occupation” does not define you or make you unlovable.

3. “Strippers are real people too with diverse skills and talents”

Every woman has it in them to “nurture” and care for others besides herself. Many strippers have children that they already care for so if you want her to take you seriously you have to bring something to the table that she can’t already achieve herself. I feel like we all enjoy learning from our partners. We’ve shifted from a “stay at home mom” lifestyle to a more “we are equals” approach. Kudos to those who make it work but you can’t expect every woman to always hold multiple time consuming roles, like being the chef, dishwasher, housekeeper, nanny, sexpot all the while maintaining her position as CEO of a lucrative company. It can and does happen in some households but even those women would tell you that they could use a break every once in a while. Well, most dancers aren’t going to want to follow those terms; it’s not because we aren't capable but it's more of a question of why would we?! To go from traveling and thoroughly enjoying life, to living in substandard conditions can take a back seat for any woman who desires more excitement in her life. In business we are expected to show up and put our best foot forward at all times in order to eventually reap the rewards. Why aren’t our relationships more like this? It's ok for relationships to have roles and responsibilities. But it's up to each individual to fulfill their own role and more.

At the end of the day not every #stripper wants to be married or in a relationship but I believe that human companionship is a natural desire no matter what you do for a living. Your “occupation” does not define you or make you unlovable. If titles and outside opinions matter more to you than love, then do yourself a favor and don’t involve yourself with a sex worker of any sort. However, if those judgments do not define you or your views, you just may be surprised what happens when you open Pandora's box.

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